Deborah Herridge

Deborah Herridge

Realtor / Team Leader

  • Cell: 201-400-2980
  • Office: 908-273-8808

About Deborah Herridge

Known for providing the highest degree of dedicated, personalized service, Deborah Herridge is a choice professional in the real estate world, delivering impressive results and a rewarding real estate experience to her valued clients. In 20 years representing buyers, sellers, investors and developers, Deborah’s ‘all in’ commitment to her clients’ success and satisfaction is a consistent theme.  

With a desire to help as many clients as possible, Herridge decided to build her own real estate team. In 2011, Deborah founded The Herridge Group. “I’m very careful about who I choose for my team,” Herridge said. “I want to make sure everyone who joins me is a good fit.” With the help of her team, Deborah delivers a depth of real estate expertise that helps inform and educate clients with the critical insights to make balanced decisions about their real estate investments.

Herridge believes giving every client a healthy dose of personal attention is key to creating the one imperative in the client/agent relationship—Trust. “It’s the only way to do business in today’s market,” she says. “I never want my clients to feel alone in this process.” Herridge and her team offer a full range of services covering Summit, Morristown, Mendham, Chester and many more towns.

Deborah is exceptionally creative in developing a dynamic and well-organized marketing strategy utilizing professionally produced marketing and sales materials to accentuate each property’s specific features. She is skillful in negotiating the critical, contractual components of the transaction, even in the most challenging negotiations. When working with buyers, Deborah and her team carefully take the time to evaluate and prioritize the clients’ goals, resulting in a home they can truly love.

The Herridge team of specialists is diligent in ensuring clients’ needs are thoroughly met. The overriding goal in every situation is a client in a better place than they started, literally and figuratively.

A self-professed “news junkie,” Herridge is always aware of where the market is going and what factors are contributing to its current conditions. Oftentimes that includes taking relevant news stories into listing appointments to back up her facts. “Most agents don’t do that, but I think it’s important to help educate clients about what’s in their best interest—and what isn’t.” she says. “Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation out there and people need real facts to enable them to make good decisions.”
A strong ability to multitask sets Herridge apart. It’s a skill she attributes to her early years working as an emergency room nurse. Patients would come in with an obvious injury or symptoms and it was her job to focus not only on that, but to anticipate what else might happen and prepare for it. “I always say you have to be able to pivot and be forward thinking,” Herridge explains. “Similarly, in the real estate world, I analyze my clients needs, set them on a path for success and deal with any challenges that get in the way of that goal.”

Deborah sums it up this way, “I always tell my clients, ‘No matter what it is, we’ll get through it together.”